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EZ Credit Cars Houston

EZ Credit Cars Houston

EZ Credit Cars

Car finance is a credit agreement made between you and the lender which allows you to buy a car. Typically, it entails choosing the type of deal you want: personal loan, lease, hire purchase, or personal contract purchase (PCP). Afterward, you'll settle for a provider that offers the best deal for your needs. Say, for instance, getting a zero down payment car. As one of the friendliest car leasing companies around, we answer some frequently asked questions about buying cars with a bad credit score.

What are the different types of car finance?

  • Personal loan
  • Personal contract purchase (PCP)
  • Hire purchase (HP)
  • Leasing

Can I Get A Car loan With Bad Credit?

Yes, you can. Most companies will look at your employment status, age, income, and loan size. They will then give you the exact interest rates and payments. With zero down bad credit auto loans, you can get a car even with bad credit.

What's the difference between a soft credit check and a hard credit check?

A soft credit search will be a background search for vital information like your credit score, background check, and pre-approved loan offers.

A hard credit check occurs when applying for a loan or credit card. Unlike soft credit checks, it shows up on your credit profile and may temporarily affect your score. However, you don't need any of these credit checks to land a no credit check used car. All you might need to do is settle for low vehicle down payments that work for you.

What is a guarantor loan?

A guarantor loan is a personal loan where a guarantor guarantees the borrower. The guarantor often pledges to repay the loan if the borrower can't.

Why choose a guarantor loan

A guarantor loan is a great alternative to access financing if you have zero or minimal credit history. Folks who have been lenders and traditional banks often opt for this option. Plus, it offers another way to increase one's credit score once. Being able to pay back a guarantor plan proves that you are creditworthy. There are lots of no credit check used cars that you can get without a guarantor loan.

Who can act as a Guarantor?

Anyone 18-75 years of age can stand as a guarantor as long as they have no financial ties to you. So a family member, friend, or even colleague can be a guarantor.

However, your guarantor is only eligible for such a position if they have a good credit history. There are also checks where they will have to provide bank statements, bank details, and proof of ID.

What is the most pocket-friendly car finance option?

The most affordable finance option would be a personal loan. There is no limit to agreement charges for any damages or going over your agreed mileage, and the car is yours from right at the start of the agreement. It is a great way to get a car with no down payment.

Do you need get a car with no down payment? Then, you should be talking to the representatives at Strudel Auto Lease. We are the easiest means to get the car you need, and we don't give a sniff about your credit score. Check our inventory today, and let us know what you need.

EZ Credit Cars Houston
Strudel Auto Lease
(713) 955-4433
EZ Credit Cars Houston
700 West 11th Street
Houston TX 77008 US

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